I have some sympathy with Men who choose to Go Their Own Way (MGTOW).  For a middle-aged man who has been through a dreadful divorce and lost everything he has, including his home and his children, it is a rational response and a way of protecting himself from further damage.

But it is a decision for the individual to make; it is not one he has any right to recommend to others, and it certainly does not amount to a philosophy, an ideology.

For a young man, setting out in life with no experience to talk of, MGTOW is not an honourable option, and no more than an excuse for selfishness and an inability to relate to the opposite sex.

MGTOW is not, as it is presented, a response to feminism.  MGTOW does feminism’s job for it; it is feminism by a different name, feminism for men.

MGTOW capitulates to feminism; it waves its hands in the air, throws in the towel and says, “Ok, you win.”  MGTOW is a coward’s response to feminism.

The aim of feminism is the ripping apart and destruction of the traditional married family.  Its aim is the removal of men from their families and the replacement of the family as the fundamental building block of society with the mother/child dyad.  All this is achieved by MGTOW, without the feminists having to fire a shot.

MGTOW will result in more socially destructive family breakdown and more fatherless children, because we all know that adults will be adults, and accidents will happen, and that where they don’t there is always assisted reproduction and sperm donation.

MGTOW will also result in a generation of lonely, sad, bitter, childless men who in old age will become dependent for care and nursing on the very gender they have rejected.

A man’s best response to feminism is to reject it, not further its nauseating work; to tell it where it can go; to find himself a woman who rejects feminism as he does (not too difficult as most do) AND MARRY HER!  He must forge a strong, secure marriage and within it raise confident, loved, balanced children who will go out into the world in their turn and build strong, stable marriages.

The truth is that couples who marry today will enjoy a level of stability we haven’t experienced since the 1970s.

He will educate his daughters and his sons to reject feminism themselves, and demonstrate by his own example and his wife’s why feminism is wrong-headed and socially destructive.

Together with his neighbours, secure in their own strong, secure marriages he will construct a strong community and a strong society.

To the feminists who preach that the family is a source of women’s oppression and abuse he will show that in reality it is a source of strength and protection.  Mothers who are loved and affirmed make more responsive, affectionate and confident parents.

To the feminists who preach that the family is a seething nest of child abuse he will show that children are safest brought up within a married family by a factor of 100.

To the feminists who preach that men are an irrelevance to the family and that children can thrive without he will demonstrate that the family is the best structure for society, the securest defence against state tyranny.  He will show that men are transformed by marriage and child-raising: levels of testosterone and aggression drop and more protective behaviour emerges.

MGTOW reserves its greatest lie, however, for the men it seeks to entrap.  And what is most shameful and unforgiveable is that this is the same lie that feminism has been telling its own followers for the last half century.  The lie is that men can be happy and fulfilled by living on their own, without wives, without children, without families.  The truth is, as Novelist Louis de Bernières says, “Until you have had children, you know nothing of human love”.  All that the MGTOWs have learnt from feminism, it seems, is the art of self-deception and the denial of basic human urges.

MGTOW is a confidence trick, a cowardly attempt to disguise individual failure by spreading it to a wider community of men and making it the norm.  It pretends to confront and defeat feminism when all it does is carry on its vile agenda.  It creates the very social problems which feminism then fastens upon to justify its agenda that men are violent and abusive.  It is an irresponsible, self-indulgent, misogynist, socially calamitous form of defeatism and appeasement masquerading as a coherent political movement.  It is a sham.