Dear Friends,

Finally, after a tremendous amount of reading, research, discussion and writing, Ruth and I have completed revision of our Family Law A to Z.


Every entry has been revised and, where necessary, updated; new changes to legislation, practice and guidance have been incorporated and new cases have been referenced.  We have also added a few entirely new entries.

We warmly recommend the book to all litigants, whether represented or not, but especially to those who are forced to represent themselves.

We recommend it to lay advisors and McKenzie Friends and to anyone who is in any regard supporting a friend or relation who is pursuing a case in the Family Courts.

It will also represent an invaluable reference work for support organisations of all kinds and to anyone who runs a support forum or Facebook page.

We even recommend the work to lawyers who may sometimes need to remind themselves what Imerman Documents are or what a Grepe v Loam Order does.

Finally, we wholeheartedly recommend it to students of the law beginning their university courses this autumn.  It will be a worthy addition to your bookcases.

The book should be available next week from Amazon.