Ex injuria jus non oritur – Law does not arise from injustice.

And yet it is from the injustice of family law that this occasional blog has arisen, in an attempt to inform, educate, provoke and occasionally amuse, and to express my philosophy that good can come even from a great wrong.

I am a researcher for a number of equal parenting organisations, a moderator of internet forums and a campaigner for openness, truth and justice.  Most of all, I am a father, a son, and a husband.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi. I am an author and writer, currently writing a book on feminism and its effect on marriage and fatherhood. I have found your writings thorough, thoughtful, insightful and inspiring. Thank you for them. They are an important voice in the shriek. I would like to properly cite you in my work and wonder how I can get an appropriate form of citation for you?

    As there is no means of contacting you through this site, I am left only with making this public comment. I appreciate that you may wish to remain anonymous publicly and, for equal reasons, I have refrained from placing my email address here because it would be in full public view.

    I wonder, perhaps, if you would consider enabling the WordPress functionality of a contact form page, linked to your own anonymous email address. That way I could make secure contact and pass on my email address to enable private correspondence between us.

    If you enable contact, may I ask that you post a comment to this one saying that is what you have done? That way I will receive an automatic response that will alert me, so I don’t have to keep checking the site.

    Thank you. And, again, your work is important.

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